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Neurology is a branch of medicine which deals with the diseases of brain and its connections.

Brain is the master of the body and it controls almost all functions which we perform. The nervous system consists of brain and its connections, namely spinal cord,peripheral nerves and muscles.

It has many functions ranging from the maintenance of consciousness, thought process, judgement and memory to other basic functions such as muscle power,sensations, coordination and gait. Special senses like vision, hearing and taste are also controlled by brain. Diseases which affects any part of the nervous system have a great impact on our functioning ability.


Neurological diseases take a heavy toll on both patient and family. It is said that time lost is brain lost.Acute neurological conditions have to be diagnosed and treated expeditiously for a good outcome. Comprehensive neurological care includes a good clinical assessment,, laboratory diagnosis including blood tests, EEG, ENMG, neuroimaging like CT scan, MRI,and neuropsychological assessment. Patient education and awareness is equally important for a healthy society, which we strive to provide at our centre, through various means.

Our Mission

To provide the state-of-art, correct,compassionate and cost effective neurological care.

Our History

The idea of comprehensive neurological care under one roof at a central place in Bengaluru was conceived by Dr R Umashankar in 2003. It was started in a small place in RT Nagar and later moved to Malleshwaram. The modern comfortable facilities, in the form of Bengaluru Neuro centre at Malleshwaram was inaugurated by his holiness Dr ShriShriShivakumaraSwamijiof Siddaganga Math in May 2012. The Neuro Centre started functioning in July 2012. Dr R Umashankar believes in team work and has made a conscious effort to build a team of well trained professional in the field of neurosciences, both in neurology and neuropsychiatry. The team has vast experience and has handled all complex neurological problems.